That Three Letter Word

Read:  Luke 12:22-31
Have you ever noticed how the tone of a conversation can change when one little three letter word is used?
For example:  We have a leak in our roof.  It’s not to the point we have to get out the buckets to catch the drips, still its’very annoying.  I asked my husband if he could fix the leak.  “Sure,” he replied.  “I could fix it.  No problem.”  This was just what I wanted to hear!  Until “the word” entered the conversation.  “But, I can’t find it.”
There it was.  The game changer.
The word “but” is a conjunction.  It connects words, phrases and clauses.  Sometimes it connects two main clauses and sometimes it connects a main clause and a subordinate clause.  It doesn’t really matter if we understand the usage of the word.  It does matter that we understand the importance of what comes after that little conjunction.
In the above scripture passage, verses 22-30, Jesus has just told his disciples that they are not to worry about the necessities of life.  He instructs them not to worry about what they will eat or wear.  Then he describes how God provides for the ravens and wildflowers.  Wildflowers don’t spend time working or spinning thread.  (Then my favorite part) “Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was adorned like one of these.”
Yes!  God will supply all my needs.  I love reading that.  Then there it is.  Take a look at the last verse in the passage.  Verse 31 says, “BUT seek his kingdom, and these things will be provided for you.”  The little conjunction “but”.  God desires that we have our eyes fixed on him.  That we put his kingdom first.  If we are focused on the things of this world, will we spend so much time worrying about losing those things or worrying about not having them or worrying that what we have is not enough that peace will become nonexistent in our lives?
God tells us to focus on him and his kingdom.  Seek him.  The word “seek” actually means to continually seek.  Don’t stop.  When we take our eyes off ourselves and turn them to God and his kingdom, then we will begin to look at the things of this world with a different perspective.  They will lose their importance because God and his kingdom will take the prominent place in our lives.  We will gain the peace that God desires us to have.  Worry and peace cannot exist together.  One will rule over the other.  Which would you rather have?
One little three letter word, and it is a game changer.  In this passage it reminds us that, yes, our needs are important, and we have a God who can provide for every one of them!  BUT we must seek his kingdom.  Don’t stop.  “And these things will be provided for you.”