Free Books

Read:  Ephesians 2:4-9
            John 3:16
I love to read.  Whenever I get a few minutes, you’ll likely find me reading.  The ability to read a book on electronic devices has further fueled my reading passion.  Now I can read anywhere and anytime as long as I have my phone with me.  The kind folks at Amazon have devised a way to track what type books I love to read, and I am given multiple daily opportunities to purchase those books through notifications on Facebook and email.  The books are always offered at a reduced price.  Many times they are $1.99, 99 cents or my favorite price – FREE!
There is one thing about these greatly reduced books, and it doesn’t take long to figure out the strategy in providing great deals.  The offered book may be one in a series.  Their hope is you can’t possibly read this book and not buy the whole series.  The rest of the books will not be at a reduced price!  Maybe the hook is to get you to buy more books by the same author.  Once again, you probably won’t be offered a reduced price.   While the offered books may be a great buy, I know there’s more.  One book won’t be enough.  I’ll need to buy more to feel satisfied.
Jesus has offered us a free gift–the gift of salvation provided to us through his grace.  There is no charge.  It is completely free for all those who will accept his gift.   There’s nothing we need to purchase.  It’s not the first step in a series that will eventually cost more than you want to pay.  He’s the author, and he is giving you his best with this first and unlimited offer.
Check it out.  Read the above listed verses.  See for yourself all that is included in this wonderful, free gift of salvation.