Dear First Baptist Church Family,

In the many years of our Church ministry, this has been one of the most difficult times we have encountered. We are planning to return in a two service format on Sunday, June 21. Our challenges are many because our church contains a broad assortment of strongly held convictions. The goal of the guidelines is to strive to honor people on both sides of the spectrum. Please read the following FBC regathering guidelines we, the Deacon’s of FBC, are recommending for us to attend.


  1. We encourage attendees to wear masks for the safety of others.
  2. Those attendees who cannot wear a mask for medical conditions or feel uncomfortable wearing one will be asked to sit on the east side of church. (piano side)


  1. Two worship services will be offered. One at 9:00 and one at 11:00 with a maximum of 100 persons per service.
  2. To help us to even out the number of those attending, please call the church office (9 to1, Mon.-Thur.) or leave a message. Give name, which service and number attending.
  3. Online worship services will be continued for anyone who remains concerned about health issues.
  4. Enter through the front doors. Arrive no more than 10-15 minutes before service.
  5. Temperatures will be checked at door.
  6. Ushers will be guiding you throughout the seating process.
  7. Please sit with your family or those who came with you. The idea of youth and children clustering together will not work right now.
  8. Our services will be abbreviated to provide ample time to re-clean the worship center in         between services.
  9. Please refrain from hugging, shaking hands, and other common Christian greetings.
  10. There will be no nursery, Bible Study or any other church activity beyond morning worship until further notice.
  11. Offering plates will be located on a table as you enter or exit the sanctuary.
  12. At the conclusion of service, you will be dismissed from church by rows from back to front.


  1. If you are sick or health compromised, please wait until you are fully ready to join us for worship.
  2. To encourage social distancing, we’ve marked off every other pew in the sanctuary.
  3. You will be restricted to the church sanctuary.
  4. There will be no passing of bulletins, offering plates, etc. at this time.
  5. Bibles and hymnals have been removed from the racks.
  6. We ask restroom use to be limited. Children should be escorted by a parent or guardian.
  7. The part of the church facility in use will be sterilized between and after worship services.
  8. Doors will remain open to limit contact.
These restrictions may be difficult and even frustrating. We ask you to work with us as we navigate a difficult time in conditions we didn’t select. Our goal is to restore all church functions. These changes are temporary, meant to bring us into compliance with health suggestions and expectations. Please pray for our leaders who are trying to do what they think is best for the membership of our church.

*These guidelines will be updated in the near future.