To help keep your children engaged and focused on things of eternal significance we’ll be posted Bible stories and activities every day before noon. 
Desiring a wife for his son Isaac, Abraham sent his servant on a mission to a distant land.  Led by the Lord, Abraham’s servant meets the beautiful Rebekah who agrees to return with him.  This epic love story is a great reminder of God’s faithfulness.

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Jacob and Esau where two brothers who had a difficult relationship.  They compete with each other and cause a rift between their parents Isaac and Rebekah
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The amazing story of Jacob’s Ladder tells of Jacob fleeing his brother Esau.  On his way to Harran he falls asleep using a stone for a pillow.  That night God appeared to Jacob in a dream and showed him an amazing ladder stretching between heaven and earth.
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Today we will read about Jacob as he wrestles with God in chapter 32 of Genesis.  Jacob struggles with his past, future, and God Himself.  As a result God changes Jacobs name to Israel, and in doing so gives him a new destiny and identity.
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Today we will read about Joseph, the prince of Egypt.  His story is found in Genesis 37-50.  Joseph was a dreamer and was loved by his father and hated by his brothers.  God used some extraordinary events to bless Joseph and his family.
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