To help keep your children engaged and focused on things of eternal significance we’ll be posted Bible stories and activities every day before noon. 
Today we will read about the crossing of the Jordan River.  Prior to entering the promised land, Joshua and the people of Israel had to cross the mighty Jordan River.  Miraculously God held back the waters so that the people could pass through on dry land.

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When a sorcerer named Balaam refused to listen, God got his attention by allowing Balaam’s donkey to speak.  This amazing story is a great reminder that God can use anyone or anything to accomplish His purpose.
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Moses and the Ten Commandments is a defining moment in the history of God’s people.  As Moses is taken up Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments, the people forget the God who delivered them from Egypt and begin to worship a golden calf.
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The amazing Bible story of Rahab precedes the famous battle of Jericho.  Two Hebrew spies snuck behind the enemy lines and took shelter in the house of Rehab.  Rahab recognized that the God of these two Hebrews was the true and living God.  She asked that they spare her and her family.  Remembered as a hero of faith, the story of Rahab is inspiring.
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Miraculously born to a barren woman, Samson seemed destined for greatness.  But when Samson met a Philistine girl named Delilah that all changed.  This is the story of a powerful man who rejected his nazarite vow and incurred the wrath of God.
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