Our official “First Sunday Night” gathering will be May 2.  God is moving at West Frankfort First and we are excited to be able to baptize 5 people, and possibly more.  If you are a Christian and haven’t yet been baptized why not do it now?  There’s no reason to keep putting it off.  We will also be receiving the Lord’s Supper that night. 

What exactly is a First Sunday Night?
The first Sunday night of each month is special and in many ways unique.  One Sunday night we may have a service of worship and prayer and the next First Sunday we might have Hot Dogs and Ice Cream Sandwiches.  You just never know what exactly to expect.  No matter how the First Sunday Night turns out you can be sure that you will be glad that you joined us and brought your friends.
For more information call the office @ 932-2105 or send us an email.